Facebook - too crowded?

I get a feeling now days that Facebook has become super crowded. Every time I log in and go through my news feed, there are dozens of irrelevant ads coz somewhere I might have looked for something or chatted to someone on WhatsApp about it. Doesn't that sound just desperate? Maybe it works for Facebook and the ad companies but for people who are just looking at Facebook to socialize or get in touch with their friends, it is really annoying. I don’t remember last time when I saw a post and felt like missing a friend or knowing some good memory about a person.

Instagram on the other hand has always been clever coz it allows you to share just pictures and you are not forced to see much of an ads. Since visual works more and also takes lesser time than reading 500 letters post, it obviously attracts you more. I am not sure if it is going towards that too but for now, I prefer Instagram anytime more than FB.

Also, the concept of stories in Insta is really good, the best part being it getting vanished in 24 hours. Now I know Snapchat can argue on how it was their concept being stolen but let’s face the fact, Insta is much more interesting and interactive (at least in my opinion). Even Facebook adopted that but I am not sure why it doesn't attract me as much. Forget posting on it, I don't even see other's stories.

At this rate, I am sure FB is going to lose its charm. There are many posts that are there coz people have posted it on Insta and have just happened to also share it on FB. I personally know many of my socially active friends who have stopped sharing things on FB. I guess one more major reason is our parents and grandparents. I know it might sound disrespectful but there are many things which you still don’t want your parents or elders in family to see. Facebook has been quite famous for them. I don’t know any one today whom I meet in a family gathering or my mother tells me about, who isn't on Facebook. In fact they used to see my posts and tell my mom and then my mom would be like oh I know you went there. This isn’t the case with Insta, at least for now.

With this rate, I am not sure if FB is going to improve or Insta is going to follow the same path but advertisements should really be reduced and also making people reminded of same things everywhere and punishing them for just googling or messaging someone about something is really really annoying. Let the platform be for what it was made!!