Some people think that all the situations can become fine if you talk, talk and blurt all out. This is a general perception that people who are extroverts cannot stay quiet. People who are very social, cannot stay at home on a holiday. People who like to drink and party, cannot spend a peaceful evening at home watching TV and eating self-cooked meal.

I would not say that it is wrong but it can be different too.

Things that happen to these kind of people who decide to stay at home for continuous 3 days:

1. Every night before you fall asleep, you start thinking of what are your plans the next day.

If you can’t think of anything, you get restless and make some plan yourself.

2. You feel like getting up in the morning only if you have something to look forward to. A normal routine just doesn’t excite you.

3. If you happen to stay at home for 2 continuous days, even going to office starts sounding interesting to you. Anything but staying at home makes you excited.

4. You try to make that time and days spent at home productive. Whether it be cleaning home, washing dishes or just arranging your cupboard.

5. You realize that staying at home isn’t that bad too and that peace of mind is priceless.

6. You introspect, you think what is going wrong in your life, you talk to people whom you have not spoken to since ages, you try to meet people whom you have been cancelling on because of your schedule, you do that pending office work which you have been delaying since a long time, etc.

This is coming from a person who does not like staying at home for whole day. From a person who has many friends and many people to go out with but still chooses to stay at home. From a person who wanted to tell people to come meet them or go out for coffee but still chooses to stay at home.

You think that the only way to get your life sorted or back in track is by talking to people or by going out, getting drunk. No, there is another way too. Spend time with yourself. Sounds difficult and almost impossible.

Many people are surrounded with complications around them but is it really life that makes it complicated? Or it is you who want that complication in your life because the life ahead isn’t what you can imagine, or life without that situation isn’t what you are ready to take. You think all that and get it all straight.

Life if beautiful, people around you are too. May be you were just confused and it is difficult to get out of that confusion but you need to and you will. Sometimes that little thinking is what is required and everything becomes sorted.

Talk – yes, you should talk but before that THINK.

Think with you, for you, about you!!