New job, new city, new people and new home to stay. Everything goes good, you form your group, make friends and then there is a shift. A bad one! People are leaving, things are changing, everything is falling apart. Did u actually expect that things will remain the same? You really think u haven't changed yourself at all? Ofcourse things change. Change is the only thing thats permanent. Letting things go which are not worth shows how strong you have become. At the same time, think if you are in touch with people whom u used to be one year back? Think of what has changed in you, around you and why! People who like you will come back to you no matter what. You matter and you will always matter. If they are still away, they are meant to be that way. Nothing else! People whom you like, might not always be around you. They have to move on with their lives which isn't wrong. But how important is it to stay in touch? Well, for a person like me it is. You either contact them yourself, which means they matter to you too or keep waiting for them to contact you, which proves you both have moved on. Confusing? Not only does it sound confusing!! It is. Nobody is busy, it just depends on how much effort you want to put. And that's what really counts. Staying alone teaches you how to deal with all this. It teaches you how important you are and you were. It shows how much you have grown and who are important to you. Things and people change, that's good but not putting effort to be in touch is not good. It's a lesson, learn it and move on. It will make you feel better about yourself. Stay alone, be your favorite, if need be..marry yourself :) Teach, realize and let go!