Becoming a teenager was a big deal at some point. At least for 90's kids, we always waited to turn a teenager. And when we became one, it ended without even coming into notice. Why? Why we never enjoyed or cherished that time? What did we want at that time? To get a good college, or even less.. Get good marks in board exams.

And the realization strikes when school finishes. Man! Teenage and school both are over as if they were never there. And here we are taking the first step to what might lead to taking a decision for our whole life, yeah whole life!

And then we try to get dirty, not in that way. But in a very enjoy-my-life-getting-drunk-with-friends types.

And yes we pass our most supposedly important years in that. Doing what? Well, something!

Oh yes! We get a job, we earn, we live a life we dreamt of. We even make our parents proud which was once the goal of our lifetime.

But you are not satisfied, If you have good job, you think you deserve more. If you are getting good money, you want to spend more. If you are shopping, you want to save more!

If you have friends, you want a boyfriend. If you have a boyfriend, you want some peace!

You are never happy. Why? Is that a good thing? Is that how it's supposed to be?

May be it is, but are you doing anything about it?

You are becoming older day by day, entered mid life crisis, losing friends, hair is becoming grey, parents are getting sick, siblings are becoming your responsibility and yeah you need to get married! Lets not go there..

Basically you are never settled but yet you are. You are never happy but each thing you do is supposed to make you happy. I guess losing is gaining. Like losing people, gaining strength. Losing friends, gaining maturity. Losing parents, gaining responsibility.

What is it like to turn 25? It's hard but its good. Its hard because those happily being innocent days are over but its good because they are over!!