I always used to feel so wonderful seeing someone else getting married. It’s amazing to see how people enjoy being part of somebody else's happiest moments in life.

And above that, having a family to do it with so much love and care is just a bliss. It’s not only about the money that is spent on it, it is mainly about how much you do for somebody out of love and are also proud to celebrate in front of everybody!

Let me come to my siblings, getting their eldest sister married must be the hardest thing to do, the thought of not being able to see her daily and giving her to somebody else must not be easy... But still doing everything so gracefully and letting all this happen in such a grand manner is truly commendable. My parents and all other family members obviously have my back for anything and everything but this post is especially dedicated to my brothers and sisters (cousins, you may call them).

My excited Family!

I always wanted a grand wedding, I wanted to be a princess and wanted the world to know that how lucky I am to have a family which will do anything for me. And I got what I wanted. Even though me and my husband decided to have a small affair but still the participation and love we got was immense.

There are certain moments that I can never forget and just want to type them out so that they can be with me forever.

I was getting ready and you know how much time the makeup and all takes for the bride and that was the only time when I was sitting at one place else there was always something or the other going on. So my brothers and sisters come one by one to just show me if they are looking fine and I was just giving them tips on whether they should change their shirt, or tuck it a lil more, or was telling my sister to wear lehenga little lower, etc. And I realized that they trust me so much with my small opinion also that they just want that one approval and then will be good to go.

When my husband arrived from the baraat, all my brothers lifted him till the main stage and didn’t let him put a step down on the floor. Again, this was something I realized later coz of course I wasn’t there when it happened. One of my friends asked me if that is a tradition and I didn’t know what to say coz as much as I know or have seen, it isn’t. So I just told him “no, they just are too excited to welcome him”

These guys had prepared dance for my sangeet and there was a part when I enter and dance with them on the last song. The idea was that two of them will come to take me and then I will just go on the stage and dance. But they modified it by welcoming me properly by showering flowers on me and then making me enter, I was surprised and had almost choked.

And last but not the least, my vidaai. I was of course crying my lungs out coz everyone around me especially my parents and my buas were crying so badly. But when my brother came to hug me and the way he cried, trust me it was the first time it had happened. My sister came and told me – “didi, take care of yourself”. Another brother cracked some joke to just make the mood light. Many many such things which made me so emotional and every moment I just remembered those and was feeling so lucky.

It’s a dream for every girl to get married and I lived that dream with nothing that I can think of which could have been changed. Miss those days but will cherish them forever.