How difficult is that for a girl?

Well, being a girl I would say that it’s not only difficult, in today's world it’s impossible.

Even while watching this video, the thing that was popping in my head every 30 seconds was, Oh now she will be attacked or how stupid is she to expect these guys to drive her home safely! Shameful...

They are more bad people than good, they are more talks than action, and there are more men than gentlemen!

For a girl who lives far far away from her parents wanting to do something for her family, for herself, for her career, has to fight the battle of reaching and coming back from office to home daily!

For parents who have sent their girl to work, to study or even for a vacation, have to fight their emotions daily and have sleepless nights coz their daughter is not in front of their eyes and they are not there to protect her.

Being independent for a girl can be so difficult??

Fighting your way out from the family and finally being able to reach at a position where u can earn yourself and live happily is itself a big deal(trust me, i know it)

And then this...

Is it a necessity to have a boyfriend, parents to wait for you to reach home? Is it necessary to have that one person to take care of you all the time and bother about you? Well, you are lucky if you have one but did you ever wonder how good it will be to just be you and how happy you will be when you know that there is no one who cares about you because there is nothing to worry!

Won't you be glad if you can come out of a movie theater and ride/drive yourself back home without any of your friends following you and making sure you reached safe?

Doesn’t that make your’s and other's lives easier?

"Girlfriend = lot of responsibility" Why?

I want to live on my own terms.

I want people to care when I am sick, when I need something, when I need a friend and not when I need to reach to my doorstep without being attacked. I don’t need a person to be behind me always making sure that I am SAFE!

I want my parents to sleep properly. I want my brother to not get worried when i am out with my friends. I want my friends to let me go home myself. I want people to think that girls alone can have fun too.