Ever wondered why are you so active on social networking sites?

Well, i have multiple reasons for you.

There are people who have their accounts but never bother to be active or login to it. Why?

And yes, these are the people who bother you the most when they see your over-flowing posts on their page. Well my friend, that is the purpose of the site you have logged in to.

The most difficult thing in today's world is to be transparent and open about what you do, where you are and with whom are you hanging out. There are people who like to complicate their life because they don't want to tell someone that they are with someone else. Sounds itself confusing! Well, that's your choice. But that doesn't make the people who are open about it, bad or "show off".

Having a happening life is everybody's right and also almost everybody in today's world lives on their terms and if they don't, they should because none other than you can change the way you see your life. And yes, instead of getting jealous of others lives and careers, the important thing is how can you change yourself to appreciate and be happy about that person. Too much to ask and "easy to say" situation, but least to do is "don't care".

There are situations when you post stuff only to make yourself noticed. Why does this happen? The thought runs to my mind too, that why do i have to care what he/she thinks of me. Well, you can't help it still.

So, even if it takes for you to be socially active to be happy and satisfied, be it! Do not care what people have to say about that.

If "they" are the ones to bother you on how active you are, they should get a life. Not you!