Hi, I am Praneta Agrawal. 


For me, life is full of experiences. There are many moments in my life when i feel that something is not right, things are not in my favor or there is no progress happening but the transition period from then to the time when you start getting either used to it or making it better for you, I realize that every bad thing was a learning and every disappointing moment was an experience.


"People" have always been the major part of my life, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. I am not a person who sits back and introspects(that is very rare). I am a person who talks and blabbers and make things right for me. Thus, I take extra care and put extra effort to be around people who get me, who try to know me and also try and change me for good.

Being strong, thinking positive and spending energy at correct places is what I believe in.

This blog is just to share few thoughts and my travel experiences. Enjoy!

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